dreamtakeoff 发表于 2021-2-25 23:57:29


We are a group of game lovers. Before, we mainly played BF2, CS and other games. We have our own forum: bbs.playclan.cn Now we often play DCS world simulation flight, including 15-50 years old. Many of them have played simulation flight for more than 10 years. Just like the well-known 3GO, NP and Jianqiao teams in China, we are 168 sea cats United. In the past few years, the team has been keeping a relatively high heat.

We have our own training suits, battle suits and test suits. Among them, the training clothes will be no less than 20 per day in 2020. Tiktok live, organize new flight learning, training and organize the Frestech activities. Our team and server's popularity is still rising.

We have our own community website to provide a platform for communication and learning for the majority of flying friends....
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